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This is my very own opinion. I think shannon is an amazing musician but i think he is a hypocrite almost all the time. He is being nice with fans asking him for a photo or an autograph these days because he wants people to say "OMG! He is so sweet! We missed him so much!" when clearly, most of the people did not miss him. If you do a quick twitter search you can see people stopped commenting about his absence when the band played show #4 or #5 without him

(Part 2) I am so sorry because i know i sound very rude but thats what i think. Also, i think tomo is even worse than shannon. Just remember tomo and his stupid non sense bullshit about mexicans because of a soccer game… And then watch any interview in mexico and he keeps saying he “loves” mexico, the food, the people and blah blah.

I do think people missed him, but just didn’t tweet about it anymore. I personally did and I barely tweeted about it, why? Because its a bit pointless to tweet which each show that you miss Shannon.
That said, everybody can be quite a hypocrite sometimes. Me too.

How I met Jared Leto

Enjoyed the best sunset on top of the Spanish steps in Rome. After the sunset I walked away from the crowds towards the park and then found a corner where no one was around. I climbed up a fence to get a picture of the city lights. Someone said “Hey you, Don’t jump!” I turned around and said “I won’t even die.. (or some equally crappy response) … Wow you look so much like Jared Leto ..did you know?”  ”


This is a really nice encounter a girl had with Jared, just thought to share with everybody :)