Anonymous asked:

i think the problem here is that this band has too many fanatics. i know J says they're not fans they're family, but when your fanbase gets this big you can't consider them family anymore even though i understand why he still uses that word. and some of these fans love defending everything the band does while others love criticizing it instead of leaving. that's why there's so much negativity here. i also think the band's attitude towards the fans does not help at all coz they encourage fanatism

Be less negative

I really think you all need to take a deep breath and stop being so negative about everything and to anybody who says something. 

You will see that if you try to stop being negative about everything and find something positive to do that it will make you happier too. 

Maybe you need to stop following this blog at all if you find everything here stupid, why follow something you don’t like? 

Why would you let yourself be swallowed up in stuff you don’t like, making you angry and upset?

You’re life will feel so much better and easier if you focus on other things, be positive about things and other people.

You are not a special being who does everything right and the rest of the world is a bad dark world with stupid dumb people who do everything wrong.

And even if you find it is, find the few people who are okay and don’t bother with the rest. 

Anonymous asked:

Um, no. NO. NO. NO. NO. Do not fucking dare say that people are 'on their period' if you don't agree with things they say or think they are being mean or overly emotional. That is the kind of shit that people use to shut women up, to shut their opinions down. You're basically saying that women don't have control over their emotions/opinions/actions due to hormones, what they say and how they act are unreliable. That is incredibly sexist, harmful, JUVENILE & false. Disgusting person!