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Some people have actually started speaking like Jared and Shannon On twitter using "+" instead of and/& just because jared does, saying xo and muddafugga and stuff. Just because you speak like them doesn't mean you have a better chance of getting noticed... Just be yourself guys...

Hahaaa oh well

to the last anon, how is it rude to invite a randome stranger for a coffee? isn't that way they way everybody uses when they are in a bar or something? I mean, I know they are 'famous', but I bet they have invited girls to go out with them... and in the end they were strangers to that person too. so is creepy if someone does it, but if they do it is not?

Everyone is a stranger at first, right?!

lol @ asking the band/one of the guys for coffee. You know how many times they've been asked to go places? or to get married? or to come to a bar after the show? constantly. The answer is always no. Why should they meet up with some random for 'coffee' - they don't know you. I think it is actually rude to even ask them - you're putting them in an awkward position in public, having to make a polite excuse.

It’s true that is an odd thing to do and it’s most likely that usually the answer is no in those kinds of situations, but occasionally the guys are pretty impulsive, spontaneous and surprising with how they treat fans so honestly I think anything could happen. It’s worth a shot I gather if you’re not a creep about it.

What happened bettwen Matt and Jared?

Well Jared very briefly touched upon the subject in one interview and said Matt only left the band because of personal family matters and he was busy about to get married and such but then Matt went and joined Angels and Airwaves and although that isn’t an uncommon thing for an artist to do I just can’t help but think something else went on between them like some kind of beef. Matt hasn’t even spoke about Jared or the others since… And we know about other people who have had an extremely hard time trying to work with Jared. I just wonder.

its true though, a lot of the fans are really socially-awkward and are losers with nothing else going on - source: the way they act on tumblr and the embarrassing way they act at concerts or when they see the band.

Even so, making harsh and broad statements about a small collection of people is unnecessary. Not everyone who may have thought Chloe+Jared could be together is a sad and lonely teenage girl. My mum even sometimes asks if Jared is with a girl that he’s recently been pictured with, people aren’t always losers like some people like you make them out to be.

I wasn't a "fan" at that time but based on what I've seen from the time when Matt was still part of the band him and Jared seemed to have the same kind of chemistry that Shan and Tomo have. It makes for some sweet photos and videos :) Wonder if they are still in touch.

Yeah definitely. It’s a shame things didn’t end up too well between them.

Just read your response from my question. I'm hoping to get the M&G passes. After the photo opp, I was gonna say it casual "I'm gonna be visiting my aunt in LA in December, perhaps we could meet up for coffee or something when I'm in town." Keeping it short. Btw I'm 27 but look younger than my age. Thanks again.

Good luck I guess!

Has any fans/echelons ever asked Jared or the other guys out? Either date-wise or just hanging out? If & when I meet them, I would like to invite them out or something. I'll be in LA in early December so I would ask if they would like to hang out when I'm in LA. And please no one word or one sentence response; I'm serious

I’m sure it’s happened before. But I really have no idea how they’d react to things like that, depends on a number of things… like what exactly are you asking them to do with you, how are you going to approach them etc. I would say it’s a safer bet to stay at a more respectable distance, better to have them appreciate talking to you for a few minutes rather than them get annoyed/creeped out by your proposal.

Chloe is friends with Jared, Jamie and Emma. And she has loads of other friends, both male and female. End of story. Trying to make something else out of it is just ridiculous. Assuming they are dating, or are 'fuck buddies' just because they are of the opposite sex to one another - makes absolutely no sense, it's just immaturity talking. One day, when you guys grow up - and if you ever come out of your socially-awkward loser phase, you might have friends of all genders too.

I would have agreed with all of this message if you didn’t include the last point. By making accusations like that you’re just as bad as the other fans in talk.

Who cares if Jared and Chloe are just friends or fuck buddies. As long as they get along and are comfortable around each other the rest is really none of our business. There are some things about Chloe that I don't appreciate, but whether or not she's sleeping with jared isn't one of those things. :)

Exactly, people should really butt-out of Jared’s non-/existent love interests’ business.