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Mmh the question was definitely interesting and stuff but maybe not the best way to start the interview ? Like straight ahead he doesn't ask anything about LA he just gets in there from the start. Maybe he should've gradually worked his way to the question ? But whatever, Lindsay didn't seem to mind that much. Still if it were me I would've been a little disappointed like is this all you're interested in... Anyway it's an on-going debate and it's most unlikely we'll all agree on that :)

Perhaps. But we also have to understand that Lindsay is used to those kinds of questions and talk about her, and despite this I still don’t think it’s right to invade her privacy (no matter how much she flaunts it in front of us) with questions like that. I mean, it could have been a lot worse but I don’t know, I would have just done things differently. If he got a good tape, good for him, right?

I get the impression that jared strings a lot of these girls along and that's why they keep coming back. We saw it with lindsay and that Russian model valiere goncharova who seems to be obsessed with him and was bragging on her ig about how they were in love only for him to ditch her later. I think he sleeps with these younger, screwed up women to exert his power over them. Jared himself seems like he has a lot of issues going on as well.

This is a common thought about Jared. I’m guessing he just likes to keep his options open.

I think the question was fine, maybe it was very personal for the kind of video he was making, but the thing is that jared gets mad when someone ask him something like that, he feels uncomfortable we all can see that so, he asking her something like that seems rare.

That’s mainly why I didn’t like him asking the question

I read some where she is no longer in the video. Protecting his own interest he couldn't careless about her. I'm starting to see a side to Jared that I don't really like. He's such a dick.

What do you mean no  longer in the video?

I think the questions he asked Lindsay were great and not uncalled for. It totally goes with the video of COA. Duh! he asked her a personal question, yes, but it goes with the concept that she was once a megastar in her day and she threw it away and got into the whole drug and party scence-which L.A. can do and has done to many young stars. L.A. is a place where can make dreams happen and can take everything away from you if you let it. She let it take it away from her. great questions.

I disagree

And actually I think CoA gave a very positive image of Lindsay. So I think in a way the question may have been too personal, but it helped give material to make her look self-aware and bright in the video.

I thought she gave good answers so I’m glad about that

I think the reason why Jared asked such personal questions to Lindsay is to understand how LA has impacted her life ? No making excuses, it's true the questions were very personal and maybe she didn't need to be reminded of some stuff. I saw people bashing her, especially on Perez's website (big surprise uh) and I hate how they do that. She isn't an angel, but I feel sorry for her. People should stop saying she's a lost cause and shit, it's so mean.

Definitely. But I didn’t just see Jared’s questions as a way of getting some meaningful words out of Lindsay, I felt like he was invading her privacy too much only for his own pleasure. It’s a common thing for journalists to do when you can see so much of people’s struggles in life, such as Lindsay’s. I thought he was being moronic and insensitive.

I think that anon was referring to an old fact about how Lindsay's journal was supposedly found or leaked or smthg and how she wrote in it that sex with Jared was difficult and slightly painful because he is "huge". Dunno if (and doubt) any of that is true though.

Yeah I know that was what they were referring to. I just find the whole talk about Jared’s penis to be ridiculously annoying.

What interview is everyone going on about (lindsay and Jay) could you please post a link. many thanks

Awful source but read here and here.

Changing the subject briefly, I actually hate the video of Jared interviewing Lindsay for COA. The question “Who do you think you’ve disappointed most in your life” is so personal and has nothing to do with the concept of the video. I understand the aim that Jared had in the process of getting these interviews for that video, but that question just makes him look like he’s acting in the same way he hates journalists to act in. Getting into people’s business and making them feel bad about what they’ve done. Argh. Not supportive of it. At all.

He had no sex with Lilo coz she is trashy? C'mon all of us saw Jared with Paris Hilton, she is also trashy. Get over it. Jared taste of girls is awful.

Jared gets what he can get